Windows 8 shortcuts

Knowing the most basic shortcuts in Windows 8 makes navigation a lot faster and work more easy.
I have made a collection of shortcuts I use the most – a more detailed and full list can be found on the image below.

Hitting Windows button, switches between Metro style screen and the classic Windows desktop. This can be obtained by moving the mouse cursor to bottom left corner and clicking as well.

If you hit Windows button and start typing, you will open the Search charm, and can then search between installed applications, files and settings .

Win + C Open charms (you can also move the mouse cursor to bottom right corner)
Win + D Show desktop
Win + E Open Windows Explorer
Win + F Search files charm
Win + I Settings charm
Win + Q Search charm
Win + R Run
Win + X Open power user menu

To turn of your computer, you have several options:

1. When standing in classic desktop mode, you can simply hit ALT + F4
2. Hit Win + I, which opens the Settings charm. Click Power and Shut Down.
3. Hit Win + C or slide the mouse  cursor to the bottom right corner, click Settings and then Power and Shut Down.

Full list of Windows 8 shortcuts:

Windows 8 shortcuts