Google Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool

Mobile website speed test tools

In a world that is fastly evolving from mobile first to mobile only, you are out of the game if your website is not accessible on a smartphone. That meaning, build with “mobile first” in mind. Your site needs to scale to the devices your visitors are using. People browsing the web from mobile devices are typically connected to the internet through 3G, 4G/LTE and in many cases even slower connections, which makes the speed of your website crucial. The majority of people tend to leave a site if it takes more than 4-5 seconds to load the page. As you may know, Google takes speed into consideration when ranking website, which is another important reason to speed up your site.

Google recently launched a new tool to check your site’s mobile friendliness and speed, which will tell you which areas you need to work on.
Go check it out: Google Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool

They are promising to send you a report within 24 hours, which I still haven’t received, even though I’ve past the 24 hours. It’s work in progress I guess.

You can still use the good old Google PageSpeed too, which shows you your results instantly. Funny enough the scores from their two services don’t exactly match, but that’s a minor detail.

Use these mobile website speed test tools and be ready for mobile only.