Visual Studio 2013 high CPU usage

If you experience extreme typing latency and Visual Studio is using high amount of CPU, even when idling, check if you have “Browser Link” enabled. I started experiencing latency when typing, after working just 5 minutes in Razor Views. CPU usage was consistent at 37-40%. Browser Link is a new feature in Visual Studio 2013 and enables dynamic data exchange between Visual Studio and your web application.

If you are interested in knowing exactly how Browser Links works, you can read more here.

Or if you just want to disable it straight away, do as shown in the picture.

Visual Studio 2013 Browser Link

  • Sin8a

    For me it was git source control visual studio connection… i deleted .git folder and removed the source control and hop back to 0/100 cpu usage

    seriously microsoft make me wanna puke every day..

    they are stuck in an infinite loop of…. sucking

    — swift/scala seem to be the way to go these days.. microsoft just cant get their shit togheter.. even win10 have the blurry font bug.. the same that was in wpf for so many years… like a really nasty shit ass dumb bug.. and they always have their shitty excuses…

    stupid leaders hire stupid coders and fire good ones